The Bistro Collection
The Bistro Collection is handcrafted in the USA of high quality lucite with the same attention to detail as the Goldiprops Posing Chair. Lucite differs from molded plastic in its weight and its luminescence. Each piece is individually cut, shaped and polished by people who care.

The Bistro Table is 6" in diameter and 7" high. The column is solid lucite.​ The Bistro Chair is 4 1/2" high at the front of the seat, dips down 1/4" at the back and is 3" wide at the back extending to 3 1/2 at the front. The total height is 7 3/8". A beige ultra suede pad is attached with double sticky tape and provides both color and traction.

The table is also available with a 7" diameter​​ top for 3-4 Bistro Chairs and is perfect for 2 or more Posing Chairs.

The Bistro Collection
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